Body Sculpture BR3010 Rowing Machine Review

Workout Made Easy with Body Sculpture Br3010 Rower

Body Sculpture Rowing Machine BR3010 is an easy to use full body workout system. It is a miniaturized gym that can also covert into a piece of rowing exercise equipment. The computer console allows for the tracking a workout progress. The handles and footplates come conveniently supplied, so there is no trying to figure out what will fit.

The instructional DVD will walk you through the proper way of assembling and using the rower. Just in case you do not receive all the information you need from the instruction video you should be able to find the answer to any questions you may have in the supplied user’s manual. This Body Sculpture BR3010 carries one of the cheapest prices available for owning your own piece of exercise equipment.

Body Sculpture Rowing Machine BR3010 Features

  • Foldable Rower & Gym
  • Adjustable Resistance
  • Full instructional DVD included
  • Gym function works arms, chest, back, shoulders, lats and abs
  • Large pivoting footplates with secure strap
  • On board computer monitors: Time, Stroke Count, Total Count, Scan ,Calories
  • Folds for storage
  • One year manufacturer warranty


Body Sculpture BR3010 Rowing Machine Reviews

The Body Sculpture BR3010 Rower & Gym is reviewed as being a solid 4 out of a possible 5 stars. Over 10 people found this machine to be a great addition to their workout routine.

Body Sculpture BR3010 RowerThey found it easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to store, taking care of most of the main concerns that surround people purchasing exercise equipment for in-home use. The instructional video was very detailed as well as supplying many moves and positions to help optimize your workout routine.

The resistance offered the perfect amount to help tone their body after a nice long run. Most of users felt that their money was well invested. This Body Sculpture rowing machine is recommended for beginners to a workout regimen or to help supplement a workout routine already in place, but not as the sole source of your exercising.

While the majority of the reviews were positive there were a couple of people that felt that the Body Sculpture BR 3010 was not made of the highest quality. They felt the rowing machine was too flimsy for a piece of exercise equipment, and that it did not make for a sufficient workout. These people also felt that the rower was quite fragile for the amount of money that it cost, and the time it took to assemble it.

While there were some people that did not care for this machine they were definitely the minority. The majority of people felt that the Body Sculpture Rowing Machine BR3010 is an excellent piece of exercise machinery, and is well worth the price.

The instructional video was just an added bonus to a nice working machine. Over 10 reviewers highly recommend the use of this rowing machine, and feel it is quite a good investment.

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